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10/12/09 09:13 AM #1    

Sue Collier (Muller)

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting this together and making it such a success! Have you checked out the El Verano Kindergarten photo on Jackie Sheppard's profile? See if you can find: Jay, Jackie himself, Ron, Dan Austin, Keith, Steve Garcia, Lyndie, Lorna, and Lynnae. Can anyone else upload grade K photos on their profile? We were all so adorable!

10/12/09 09:26 AM #2    

Linda Sweeney (Faison)

Hi Everyone..I hope you enjoyed the reunion as much as I did. This was my first one and I am so glad I was there. It was wonderful seeing all of you and sharing our life stories. Life has taken us down many different roads and we have been able to navigate through the happy times and the difficult times and come through it better than ever. I am absolutely in favor of the group's 60th birthday celebration. I cannot believe we are going to be 60!. Where did the time go? Please let's keep in touch.
Thanks to the committee for all your efforts and hard did a great job! The pictures are great and thank you to everyone for posting and sharing them.

10/12/09 10:17 AM #3    

Gary Green

I have changed the "A. Class Reunion" classmate reunion to "Reunion 1969 40th" where is I will post all photos I receive from classmates who do not post to their own classmate profiles. I have received photos from Nedra Peterson and have posted them.

Great time to see all of you again!! Thanks for all the hard work by the committee and all of the smiles from all of you!!

10/12/09 06:12 PM #4    

Gary Green

Check out Steve Holman's Classmate Profile for some great elementary school photos and other historical information.

10/12/09 06:49 PM #5    

Steve Holman

to quote Stephen Stills at Woodstock,
"three days, three days!" 69ers really know how to throw a party! More fun than I've had in many years. It was so great to see everyone. We should do the giant 60th birthday party for sure. Thanks again to all of you who worked so hard to make it so nice.

10/12/09 08:14 PM #6    

Dan Phillips

I put some pictures up too. Have a look


10/12/09 08:17 PM #7    

Dan Austin

DITTO, DITTO Mr. Holman. It was a great 3 days. I got some great pictures, unfortunately I left my camera at my sons in Oakland, so when I go back to Sonoma WITH my wife for my 40th and one week reunion, [what a dufus] I will get them posted ASAP. It was REALLY great seeing familiar and not so familiar faces this weekend, I think we looked fricken good!!!! Peace and Love to all.

10/12/09 08:20 PM #8    

Phyllis Barracchi (Ladd)

Hi all,
Wanted to thank the committee for making our 40th such a great time,, so glad I came,, and ty to all who have posted pictures,, they are great,, 60th birthday party would be wonderful,, willing to help if I can,, was great seeing everyone,, hope we can all keep in touch. Phyllis

10/12/09 10:12 PM #9    


Debra Jo Jagard (Skates)

I am sorry I was unable to attend.
Know I was thinking of you this weekend!

10/14/09 06:37 AM #10    

David Michael

I am sorry that I wasn't able to attend a very nice party from what I have been reading. I shall make it a point to come to the 60th birthday party.

10/14/09 01:07 PM #11    

Pam Barnwell (Freese)

Thank you everyone on the reunion committee for never giving up on us slow pokes that took so long to respond.
Thank you to everyone posting pictures of the reunion, I am so enjoying them all!! I could'nt make it this time but I'm going to do my best to be at the 60th birthday party! I have great memories of so many of you. What a great place to grow up. Take care everyone, you all look great!!
Pam Barnwell Freese

11/09/09 04:53 PM #12    


Mike Benzon

Both Sara and I are disappointed we didn't make either. It is great to look at the pictures. We will keep in touch with this site for future events.

01/21/10 01:32 PM #13    

Jeanette Giorgi (Teves)

Hi Everyone,
Sorry that I missed the reunion. Prior commitment. I have talked to a few classmates since and got a bit of an update. I would be interested in a "60th" b-day party. That does sound incredibly old. Are those numbers correct? I was really hoping to re-connect with Pam Barnwell Freese. Had her info but it has gotten misplaced. If anyone knows her address or # I would appreciate being informed. I don't check my mail very often at all but it gets looked at eventually.
Thanks, Jeanette

09/28/11 08:09 AM #14    


Annette Valim (Choate)

Hi classmates. I just posted some photos from the Bithday Luau. My camera battery died that night or I would of got more people. I noticed there where several there that I don't have pics of. There were 67 people who ate & bought tickets. I know a lot of local Sonomans were not there. We kept the fee low so maybe more could make it.  It was a nice bunch of folks and was fun. Thanks for coming from a far many of you.

I want to thank Luella, Rosie, Mike,Judy& Bill, &Ted for  decorating  Lorna & Gary, Bunny, Linda &Pete, Ross& Bonnie, Bill C, & me for food,Cindy for the Vintage house at a reasonable amount Elwanda as our treasurer & Gary as our leader who keeps us on track

Thanks everyone for the clean up help too. That really was appreciated especially in the kitchen!

The brunch was a nice visit too because you got more chit chat time. We talked about anyone interested in just an informal potluck get togethers once a year to have their say about and  it could be anywhere.

Best wishes in what's left of 2011

01/21/12 08:14 PM #15    


Judy Sharp (Hoover)


Thank you and Ted for all your work as well. Everyone did do a great job and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.It was so nice seeing so many of our classmates and I for one am looking forward to our next get together. Judy

08/10/15 09:55 AM #16    

David Michael

I hope by the  next big reunion party I wii be have been recovered from my several Brain Surgeries called D.B.S. Deep Brain Stimulation .

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